Examination£18.80From: £20*
Hygienistnot availableFrom: £40*
Dentures£222.50From: £200 (depending on material)*
Fillings£51.30From: £50 (depending on complexity and material)*
Extraction£51.30From: £50 (depending on complexity)*
Crowns£222.50From: £200 (depending on material chosen)*
Braces/ Clear Alignernot availableFrom: £1000 (per arch)*
Implantsnot availableFrom: £1500 (per tooth)* FREE CONSULTATION
Inlays/onlays£222.30From: £200 (depending on material)*
Root canal treatment£51.30From: £150 (depending on complexity)*
Office power whiteningnot availableFrom: £350*
Home teeth whiteningnot availableFrom: £200*
IV Sedationnot availableFrom: £150 (per session)*
Out of hours emergency including bank weekends and bank holidaysnot available£125
Botox Injectionsnot available£200 for 3 Zones
Dermal Fillersnot available£200 per Syringe

The prices above are for guidance only. Every case will be priced independently depending on its complexity, its prognosis, time needed, location in the mouth and risks involved in managing the case.