A Cracked or Broken Tooth

If you have a broken tooth, it probably hurts. The pain is worse if the inside pulp is inflamed, infected or exposed. If you can, collect the broken piece and bring it to the dentist. We can’t use it to restore the tooth, but bring it because it does give clues about what happened and why.

A broken tooth is a dental emergency. Call us at Brandon Dental Care immediately. It doesn’t take long for further damage to occur to your tooth and the gums around it. We have special emergency appointments available.

Until You Get to the Dentist

Avoid biting down or eating on the cracked or broken tooth. Any pressure can make the crack worse, even down into the root.

When you call for your appointment, ask for specific advice for pain control until you arrive. Usually, some OTC pain medication is helpful. Do not take aspirin, just ibuprofen.

Broken Tooth – Prevention

Once is enough when it comes to a broken tooth. There are common causes to avoid:

  • Hard foods, chewing on or biting into nuts, hard candies, or popcorn kernels
  • Biting hard objects, like pen caps or pencils
  • Tooth structure that is already brittle from previous root canals or insufficient restoration
  • Old tooth restorations because they separate from the tooth
  • Grinding and clenching teeth (Ask us about night guards)
  • Trauma or injury to your face and mouth (Ask about sports guards)

The pain from a cracked or broken tooth comes and goes, sometimes. So, don’t let it fool you. The longer it takes for the tooth restoration, then the more likely complications arise.

Call us now at Brandon Dental Care for an emergency appointment. We will fix your cracked or broken tooth so it stops hurting. We use pain-free dentistry, and even offer tablets or IV sedation for patients who prefer even more relaxation. So, don’t suffer even one more minute. Call now.