Dental care for Teenagers

As we enter teens we get more conscious about our smile and hence dental care becomes an important aspect. A healthy smile increases the confidence, and a feel good factor for teenagers. When we establish a dental routine from a very young age it helps in protecting our teeth and it’s foundation as we move along in life.

First aspect of dental care starts with a proper oral hygiene.

Dental care tips

 •Along with brushing your teeth regularly make sure you use interdental aids like flossing & interdental brushes to clean the spaces in between your teeth.

•Regular visits to your dentist to keep a track of your dental health.

•Act immediately on signs of bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth decay, sensitivity etc.

 A healthy diet plays a very important role.

•Avoid fizzy drinks and acidic foods as these tends to slowly erode away the enamel of your teeth leading to sensitivity called Dental Erosion.

•Opts for healthy snacks like nuts, fresh fruits & vegetables,soup,yoghurt,cheese.

•Remember every time you eat anything sugary, the acid attack remains upto one hour on your teeth.Avoid sugary foods and make sure you check the label of the foods you buy as most of the packed foods contain hidden sugars in them.(Did you know ketchup contains hidden sugars in them ?? )

•Avoid snacking in between meal times.When you eat foods high in sugar, have a cheese or some milk to balance the acidic(ph)level.


Smoking not only stains the teeth but can cause gum diseases, tooth loss and can even cause oral cancer.


If you are involved in professional sports like boxing etc make sure you get a mouthguard made from your dentist to protect your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment 

If you have any crooked teeth or increased gaps in between your teeth visit your dentist who can use braces to straighten your teeth. Orthodontic specialist are experts in such treatment and we at Brandon dental Care take pride in ourselves as we are orthodontic specialists.

If you have any such concerns you can reach or call on 01842 810 752 or 07727699419 to book an appointment.
Take Care and keep smiling.

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