Bleeding gums

I’m sure we all have had one of those days while brushing our teeth and we spot blood. While some of them might take it easy, many of us panick and brush even harder.
So today we are here to talk to you about why it happens and what we should about it and how we can avoid it.

What is Gingivitis ?
Bleeding gum is first warning sign of a starting gum disease or an underlining gum disease or health problem that needs to be checked.
Whenever we eat something, the food particles along with the germs in our mouth (oral cavity) form a thin whitish sticky layer called plaque. This plaque is very notorious for causing gum disease and dental decay. It is known to cause bleeding and swelling of the gums which in medical terms we call it as inflammation of the gums ( gingiva) leading to a condition called Gingivitis ( gum = gingiva , itis = inflammation )

When this plaque is not removed properly by brushing our teeth it can harden to form tartar which dentists refer as calculus. This calculus affects the foundation of our teeth and can cause loosening of teeth eventually leading to loss of teeth. This condition is called as periodontitis which we will discuss in detail another day.

Coming back to gingivitis , it is very important for us to clean our teeth in order to remove the plaque completely.

What should we do when we see bleeding gums ? 
Visit your dentist .  It is important to remove the plaque by proper scaling so as to avoid any further progression and also helps to solve gingivitis in its initial stage and restore the teeth back to its healthy state.

How can we avoid bleeding gums ? 
* Brushing teeth twice a day. First thing in the morning and lastly before going to bed.
* Make sure you brush all surfaces of your teeth and most importantly don’t forget to brush the chewing surface of the teeth.
* Use interdental aids like interdental brushes or floss to clean the spaces in between your teeth. Ask your dentist for a demonstration on brushing technique & how to use interdental aids.
*when you have a bleeding then you may need to see Hygienst every three to six months for deep cleansing to reduce risk of gum aggravations. 
* visit your dentist annually or even earlier if required for a dental check up and follow up regularly.
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Take Care and keep smiling.