Conscious sedation


As the name suggests it’s a type of sedation technique where the patient is conscious and is able to understand and respond to verbal commands. You will be fully awake through out the procedure although a bit drowsy but won’t feel the pain or any anxiety of the treatment .

In the UK, 1 in 10 adult have severe dental anxiety where as 1 in 3 adults have moderate dental anxiety (bupa 2018)

Reducing anxiety and increasing the comfort level throughout the treatment  is the main aim of Brandon dental care through conscious sedation.

When is it indicated ? 

  • dental anxiety and phobia
  • Requirements for special care 
  • Prolonged dental procedures
  • Stress inducing medical conditions 

A day before the procedure, a full assessment of the patient along with medical records will be noted. Make sure to inform the dentist about all the medications that you may be taking along with any allergies etc. Your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and other parameters will be taken down.Once fully informed a written consent will be taken from the patient.

Based on the duration and nature of the treatment you might be asked to fast.

An escort is required to be with you at all times except procedures including inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen where’s it’s not absolute necessary.

How is it given ?

This can be given as

  • intravenous sedation ( through the vein)
  • Oral sedation ( as a tablet ) 
  • Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide / oxygen ( through a mask as gas and air)

In some cases although not very common,an advanced technique can be used which is a combination of the above technique or drugs.


Once the treatment is complete,the recovery process begins. If intravenous sedation is used,the cannula will be removed. Your vital signs will be recorded to make sure it is stable. Making sure you are accompanied with an escort you will be sent home with all the instructions to follow on the procedure.

If you face any such anxiety , rest be assured we at Brandon dental care are experts in the above procedure and will make sure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. contact Brandon dental care at 01842 810 753 , 07727699419 or email for more details.

Take care and keep smiling !