How Mini Dental Implants Can Help

mini dental implants

Are your dentures embarrassing for you? Are They Loose?

How Mini Dental Implants Can Help

Do you wish you could smile confidently, without worrying about your dentures? Do they slip, or even fall out? These are common problems with traditional dentures. Some denture wearers even find they can’t speak as clearly as they would like. Over the longer term, those who have dentures can have trouble digesting food, so they end up having nutritional health problems, too. Brandon Dental Care has a revolutionary solution for these problems. They are “mini dental implants”.

How do Mini Dental Implants Help?

No More Adhesives

It used to be that the only way to secure your dentures was to use messy adhesives. Messy as they are, sometimes they won’t even work to keep your dentures in place. Now, you can have a permanent, no-mess solution. Mini dental implants get placed in your gums where they fuse and become like new roots for your teeth. Your dentures attach directly on the mini dental implants, so you never need to use the messy adhesives again.

Little to No Pain Procedure

Mini dental implants can be installed in your gums with no pain. The procedure is a simple, comfortable method with little to no pain.

Eliminates Ongoing Denture Pain

A traditional style denture rubs against the gums and on the inside of your mouth, resulting in continuous soreness. Mini dental implants adhere permanently to your jaw bone so when your dentures attach, they do not rub or move around. Wearing dentures becomes amazingly more comfortable with mini dental implants.

Speech, Digestion and Self-Confidence Improve

No more clicking dentures. You can stop worrying about your pronunciation again. Eat whatever you want, and get the most from your properly chewed food. And of course, you can smile and laugh without even thinking about your dentures, ever again.

Smile, laugh, and get your picture taken with confidence. No longer worrying about your dentures will make you want to smile all day long!

Affordable Options

At Brandon Dental Care we want to help you restore your smile. Let’s talk about financial options available that will work for you.

There can be such pain and embarrassment living with traditional dentures. The technology exists now, with mini dental implants, to make sure your dentures are secure, painless and mess-free. Call today for a FREE consultation at Brandon Dental Care to see how mini dental implants can work for you.