Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are made by a company called Invisalign®. They really are a virtually invisible method for straightening teeth. Adults find that these quick, inconspicuous braces make it easy to decide to have their teeth straightened.

Advanced 3D Technology

3D computer-imaging technology shows you the entire process. You will be able to see how your teeth will look in their final positions. These images are used to custom make the clear aligners that move your teeth, a bit at a time.

You wear each aligner for about 2 weeks, then get another one. Each one gradually moves your teeth towards the desired positions. How many you need depends on the changes made to your smile. The dentists at Brandon Dental Care tell you how long it will take during your free consultation.

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How Do Invisible Braces Work?

Your teeth are shifted carefully and gently through a series of controlled movements. Each aligner controls the movements in each area of your mouth. So, the focus is on only particular teeth in each phase. As a result, this is an exceptionally efficient method to align your smile.

Why Choose Invisible Braces?

The Invisalign® aligners really are almost invisible. Typically, people will not notice you are wearing them. That is certainly a huge reason people choose them, especially adults. There are additional reasons:


The aligners are completely removable. That means eating and drinking normally for the duration of the treatment. Brush and floss normally, too.

Less Time At The Dentist

Without the metal brackets and wires, there is no need for adjustments in the dentist’s office. So, most people spend far less time at the dentist, missing less school or work.

Treatment Preview

One of the most exciting parts of a treatment plan using invisible braces is the advanced 3D computer-imaging. You get to see what your smile will look like, even before you start.

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