Mouth ulcers

One of those days when you have an important meeting,a wedding or even exams the next day and you suffer from mouth sores. I’m sure all of us have been through this situation while waiting impatiently for the mouth sore to go.

This blog will give you an insight about mouth sores ( mouth ulcers ) and what you can do help ease the pain.

What are Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are painful and annoying sores that appear inside the mouth.

Remember mouth ulcers are different from cold sores that are caused by a virus making their appearance in the lips.

What causes mouth ulcers ? 

 The common reasons of mouth ulcers are 

  • stress
  • cheek biting
  • anaemia 
  • sharp tooth
  • gastric problems
  • contraceptive pills
  • change in medication 
  • recently quit smoking 
  • poorly fitting dentures 
  • vitamin deficiency 

Make sure to check for ulcers in other parts of the body like eyes or genital areas. Remember to inform your dentist about this.

Ulcers caused by sharp tooth, poorly footing dentures, cheek biting,sudden tongue bite or by improper tooth brushing is called as traumatic ulcers. Visit your dentist immediately if you suspect any of the above reasons to get it sorted soon so that the ulcers can heal faster .

In cases of deficiency the dentist might refer you to GP for a blood test.

In most instances these mouth ulcers are recurrent , called as recurrent apthous stomatitis. The common cause of these ulcers are yet unknown but they aren’t infectious and does not run in the family.

Types of recurrent mouth ulcers 

The tend to appear as one or as a group and based on their number and appearance in the mouth they are divided as

  • minor – most common type, occurring around 4-6 in numbers.
  • Major- large ulcers and more severe,usually occur as a single
  • Herpetiform- upto 100 ulcers

However last two variations are uncommon.

Treatment of mouth ulcers 

Depending on the cause of the ulcers treatment varies as it’s important to treat the cause first. Most of the times these ulcers heal on their own. In some cases the Dentist will prescribe you some medication and mouthwashes. 

Also you can follow the below steps to help ease the pain and relieve discomfort

  • avoid spicy foods and sharp foodstuffs like crisps which might hurt the ulcer and cause more pain.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene 
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables 

Important point to remember 

If your mouth ulcer last for more than 2-3 weeks visit your dentist immediately. Your dentist will examine your ulcer and may arrange further tests or refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Can my mouth ulcer be cancer of the mouth?

Cancer of the mouth can appear as a mouth ulcer first. They last for more than three weeks without any known cause like cheek bite or a sharp tooth. It usually appear on the sides or under the tongue. Although they may occasionally appear on other sites of the mouth as well.

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Take care and keep smiling!