What is it
Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria and it is not necessarily a sign of ill health. Sometimes, the smell comes from the throat, stomach or nose or sinuses.

Gum disease can cause bad breath. But you could still have bad breath with good oral hygiene and healthy teeth and gums. If you are concerned about your bad breath, then please talk to your dentist to check your gum and teeth for abnormalities.

Here are simple measures to eliminate the problem:

  • Brush before you go to bed

  • Brush your tongue

  • Floss between teeth

  • Use alcohol-free mouthwashes, such as Listerine

  • Limit intake of odour producing food

  • Use sugar-free chewing gum

  • Keep well hydrated by drinking enough fluid

  • Work out whether you really have a bad breath problem

  • Find out what sort of problem it is and help you deal with it

  • Give up smoking

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