Root Canal – What’s True?

root canal brandon

people fear a root canal, more than any other procedure at the
dentist. There’s lots of inaccurate info, so we’re here to dispel
the myths.

Root Canal Treatment and Pain

tooth that needs a root canal already hurts. The infected pulp,
broken tooth or a nerve that is dying are irreversible conditions.
That’s why root canals are done, and the pain goes away afterwards.
The anaesthetic makes the treatment itself pain-free for most people.
Pills or IV sedation are available for anyone who is especially

Dentist Appointments

will take one or two visits to the dentist to sort out your root
canal treatment. How long you will be in the dentist chair depends

  • how
    extensive the infection
  • the
    shape and size of the tooth

the root canal is finished, you will need your tooth restored. That
separate appointment will protect your tooth so it functions normally
for the long term.

Pain Before A Root Canal

tooth that requires treatment is not always in pain. So, sometimes
treatment prevents tooth infections.

your routine checkup a tooth demonstrates it died, or is dying. Tests
confirm the dead tooth so there is no guessing.

  • temperature
  • percussion
  • pulp
    vitality machine tests

Long Term Benefits of Root Canals

is critical that you have your tooth properly restored after the root
canal is finished. After the elimination of the blood supply, the
tooth is brittle. Breaking a tooth that lacks restoration is easy.
Grinding your teeth, chewing or talking could do it. However, once
the tooth is restored, it functions like your other teeth.

Tooth pain does not magically disappear. If your tooth hurts, call us at Brandon Dental Care we can help. If you need a root canal, we will make sure the procedure is as painless as possible. Also, we offer IV or tablets for sedation if you are nervous about the procedure.